United States vs Vietnam Kickoff Time, Date, Venue, and Live Stream Channels

Get all the details you need about the United States vs Vietnam match on 6th July 2023, including kickoff time, date, venue, and broadcast channels. Be ready to catch all the live action at Eden Park, broadcasted on Fox, Telemundo, and VMG Media.

Are you ready for the thrilling encounter between the United States and Vietnam on the football field? Anticipation is running high as this could be a classic face-off. Let’s delve into the United States vs Vietnam Kickoff Time, Date, Venue, and Broadcast Channels to ensure you are prepared for this exciting match-up.

Match DetailsInformation
MatchUSA vs Vietnam
Time9 PM ET
Date6th July 2023
VenueEden Park
Broadcast ChannelsFox and Telemundo in USA, VMG Media in Vietnam
United States vs Vietnam

United States vs Vietnam: The Kickoff Time

When is the big kick-off?

The United States vs Vietnam match is scheduled to kick-off at 9 PM ET on the 6th of July, 2023. Do you know what that means? It’s prime time! So, set your alarms, note it down in your calendar or tell your smart assistant to remind you. Let’s ensure that we don’t miss out on this grand spectacle.

The Date: Mark Your Calendars!

So when’s the big day again?

To reiterate, the highly anticipated United States vs Vietnam game will take place on the 6th of July, 2023. This date marks an important moment in the sporting calendars of both countries. It’s a perfect summer evening for some football, wouldn’t you agree?

The Venue: Welcome to Eden Park

Where will the action take place?

Eden Park, a legendary arena known for its high-octane sports events, will serve as the venue for this illustrious match. Can you feel the energy and anticipation radiating from this renowned sports sanctuary? If you haven’t visited Eden Park before, check it out here to get a sense of its grandeur.

Eden Park: The Home of Legends

What makes Eden Park so special?

Eden Park has been a sanctuary for sports enthusiasts for years. Its hallowed grounds have witnessed countless historical sporting moments. If the walls could speak, they would regale you with tales of intense battles and celebrated victories.

Broadcast Channels: Where to Watch?

Where can we catch the action?

Great news for fans! The United States vs Vietnam match will be broadcast live on Fox and Telemundo in the USA, and on VMG Media in Vietnam. Make sure your cable subscription is up-to-date to enjoy the game from the comfort of your home.

Fox and Telemundo: The American Broadcasting Titans

Why are Fox and Telemundo the channels to watch?

Fox and Telemundo are American broadcasting titans known for their excellent sports coverage. They offer comprehensive analysis, expert commentary, and high-definition broadcasting, making the viewing experience top-notch.

VMG Media: Vietnam’s Trusted Broadcaster

Why is VMG Media the best choice for Vietnamese fans?

VMG Media is a trusted name in Vietnam for football broadcasts. They offer local language commentary and in-depth match analysis, providing a personalized viewing experience for Vietnamese fans.

United States vs Vietnam: The Rivalry

What’s the history between these teams?

The United States and Vietnam have shared some iconic football moments in the past. Their rivalry is deeply rooted in their sporting histories and national pride.

The United States: The Footballing Giants

Why is the United States a force to reckon with?

The United States is a powerhouse of football. With a robust domestic league and a strong national team, the US has consistently demonstrated its prowess on the football field.

Vietnam: The Rising Stars

What makes Vietnam a formidable opponent?

Vietnam has been steadily rising in the world of football. They bring a unique style of play to the field and their dynamic performances have made them an exciting team to watch.

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United States vs Vietnam: The Key Players

Who should we watch out for?

The United States vs Vietnam game features some big names in football. Their performance could very well dictate the outcome of this thrilling encounter.

United States: The Players to Watch

Which American players could make a difference?

In the United States’ line-up, we can expect some dazzling performances from their key players. Their contributions will be crucial in seizing control of the match.

Vietnam: The Game Changers

Who are the Vietnamese players to watch?

Vietnam’s team boasts talented players who have the potential to turn the game in their favor. Their skill and determination will be a crucial factor in this match.


So, are you ready for the big match?

In conclusion, the United States vs Vietnam match on 6th July 2023 is shaping up to be an unmissable event. With a kickoff time of 9 PM ET, Eden Park will become the epicenter of a thrilling football encounter. Whether you’re watching on Fox, Telemundo, or VMG Media, ensure you’re ready for this high-stakes match. Mark your calendars, get your jerseys out, and prepare for an exciting night of football.

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