2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Schedule Indian Standard Time (IST)

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is one of the most anticipated events in international women’s football, bringing together teams from around the globe to compete for the prestigious title. For football fans in India, the tournament holds special significance as they eagerly await the matches that will take place according to the Indian Standard Time (IST).

2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Schedule Indian Standard Time (IST)

FIFA Women’s World Cup Schedule Indian Standard Time (IST)

The schedule has been carefully crafted to ensure thrilling matches and showcase the immense talent and skill of women footballers from different nations. From the group stage to the knockout rounds, the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup promises to be a spectacle of football, keeping Indian fans glued to their screens and celebrating the beautiful game.

Match No.DateTimeTeamsVenue
1July 2012:30 pmNew Zealand vs NorwayEden Park
2July 203:30 pmAustralia vs IrelandAllianz Stadium
3July 218:00 amNigeria vs CanadaAAMI Park
4July 2110:30 amPhilippines vs SwitzerlandForsyth Barr Stadium
5July 211:00 pmSpain vs Costa RicaSky Stadium
6July 226:30 amUSA vs VietnamEden Park
7July 2212:30 pmZambia vs JapanWaikato Stadium
8July 223:00 pmEngland vs HaitiSuncorp Stadium
9July 225:30 pmDenmark vs ChinaHBF Park
10July 2310:30 amSweden vs South AfricaSky Stadium
11July 231:00 pmNetherlands vs PortugalForsyth Barr Stadium
12July 233:30 pmFrance vs JamaicaEden Park
13July 2411:30 amItaly vs ArgentinaEden Park
14July 242:00 pmGermany vs MoroccoAAMI Park
15July 244:30 pmBrazil vs PanamaCoopers Stadium
16July 257:30 amColombia vs South KoreaAllianz Stadium
17July 2511:00 amNew Zealand vs PhilippinesSky Stadium
18July 251:30 pmSwitzerland vs NorwayWaikato Stadium
19July 2610:30 amJapan vs Costa RicaForsyth Barr Stadium
20July 261:00 pmSpain vs ZambiaEden Park
21July 265:30 pmCanada vs IrelandHBF Park
22July 276:30 amUSA vs NetherlandsSky Stadium
23July 271:00 pmPortugal vs VietnamWaikato Stadium
24July 273:30 pmAustralia vs NigeriaSuncorp Stadium
25July 285:30 amArgentina vs South AfricaForsyth Barr Stadium
26July 282:00 pmEngland vs DenmarkAllianz Stadium
27July 284:30 pmChina vs HaitiCoopers Stadium
28July 291:00 pmSweden vs ItalySky Stadium
29July 293:30 pmFrance vs BrazilSuncorp Stadium
30July 296:00 pmPanama vs JamaicaHBF Park
31July 3010:00 amSouth Korea vs MoroccoCoopers Stadium
32July 3012:30 pmNorway vs PhilippinesEden Park
33July 3012:30 pmSwitzerland vs New ZealandForsyth Barr Stadium
34July 303:00 pmGermany vs ColombiaAllianz Stadium
35July 3112:30 pmCosta Rica vs ZambiaWaikato Stadium
36July 3112:30 pmJapan vs SpainSky Stadium
37July 313:30 pmCanada vs AustraliaAAMI Park
38July 313:30 pmIreland vs NigeriaSuncorp Stadium
39August 112:30 pmVietnam vs NetherlandsForsyth Barr Stadium
40August 112:30 pmPortugal vs USAEden Park
41August 14:30 pmChina vs EnglandCoopers Stadium
42August 14:30 pmHaiti vs DenmarkHBF Park
43August 212:30 pmArgentina vs SwedenWaikato Stadium
44August 212:30 pmSouth Africa vs ItalySky Stadium
45August 23:30 pmJamaica vs BrazilAAMI Park
46August 23:30 pmPanama vs FranceAllianz Stadium
47August 33:30 pmMorocco vs ColombiaHBF Park
48August 33:30 pmSouth Korea vs GermanySuncorp Stadium
Round of 16
49August 510:30 amWinner of Group A vs Runner-up of Group CEden Park
50August 51:30 pmWinner of Group C vs Runner-up of Group ASky Stadium
51August 67:30 amWinner of Group E vs Runner-up of Group GAllianz Stadium
52August 62:30 pmWinner of Group G vs Runner-up of Group EAAMI Park
53August 71:00 pmWinner of Group D vs Runner-up of Group BSuncorp Stadium
54August 74:00 pmWinner of Group B vs Runner-up of Group DStadium Australia
55August 81:30 pmWinner of Group H vs Runner-up of Group FAAMI Park
56August 84:30 pmWinner of Group F vs Runner-up of Group HCoopers Stadium
57August 116:30 amWinner of Match 49 vs Winner of Match 51Sky Stadium
58August 111:00 pmWinner of Match 50 vs Winner of Match 52Eden Park
59August 1212:30 pmWinner of Match 54 vs Winner of Match 56Suncorp Stadium
60August 124:00 pmWinner of Match 53 vs Winner of Match 55Stadium Australia
61August 151:30 pmWinner of Match 57 vs Winner of Match 58Eden Park
62August 163:30 pmWinner of Match 59 vs Winner of Match 60Stadium Australia
Third-place match
63August 191:30 pmLoser of Match 61 vs Loser of Match 62Suncorp Stadium
64August 203:30 pmWinner of Match 61 vs Winner of Match 62Stadium Australia

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As the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup draws to a close, football enthusiasts in India will have fond memories of witnessing the tournament unfold according to the Indian Standard Time (IST). The schedule brought excitement, drama, and moments of brilliance as teams battled it out on the field. From the group stage to the knockout rounds, the tournament showcased the extraordinary talent and determination of women footballers, inspiring a new generation of players and fans. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will be remembered for the thrilling matches, incredible goals, and unforgettable moments that captivated the hearts of Indian football enthusiasts and left a lasting impact on the sport.